It Can All Change So Quickly

I am sitting here in a paddock listening to the rain already thinking about what I can do tomorrow to make my day a little more interesting. Wondering outside to stretch my legs in the darkness the brain starts to wonder which lead me to write this blog. Standing in the paddock I just realised I am actually pretty happy even though we are currently stuck in a paddock in the rain which totally goes against our nature to travel and explore new places.

This got  me thinking, what causes happiness? Why do some of us find happiness in most things yet some find every reason to see the negative in most situations. I am not saying I am the perfect person who has moved to some new level of consciousness and don’t react to anything in life but with a smile. This is far from the truth. After the last two years of my life I have actually become quite the grumpy b%@#*&rd lol.

This doesn’t mean I am not happy, I just tend to react to things more so since my heart attack and stroke. Yet in the middle of all this sudden change to life I still find myself going to sleep at night and waking with a smile. I think one thing travelling full time has taught me is how to be content in all things in life. I have stopped chasing something. My perceived idea of what success is, that whole thing of I made it! I have the great career, the big house and the SUV that doesn’t do all that well in the situation it suggests it was designed for.

It has been almost two years and I have managed to have a heart attack, a stroke, the loss of my mother, my now estranged sister who is still trying to get her hands on all the estate money, having to downsize to a 7 metre bus with two children along with many other “life challenges” yet here I sit feeling content. I am not saying it has been easy, I mean we all have trials in life, our own little character building moments. But that’s just it, are they building character?

As I get older it becomes clearer that it’s our choices that make all the difference. Let’s be honest, it sucks that we are now under the control of a lockdown and have lost what freedom we had to make choices in life, yet we can still make choices. We can wake each day and decide to stop and look around us and decide what to do with that. I mean it’s easy to type that because as I do I still feel the frustration of not being able to do what I had planned for the next 6 months. The thing is I still have the freedom to choose to do something with what I do have.

Here’s the funny thing, I can feel my creative juices starting to flow, I have been backed into a corner where they need to or I just may go a little crazy. My thoughts for this time? What have you dreamed about but never had the courage to do? Here’s the bad news, right now you more than likely can’t do it! However, could we take this time to dream, maybe even come up with a plan while you have a little spare time.

The life we have known and followed daily has most likely changed in a big way for most. You can’t go to work, you have to slow down and relax a little, for most this is a big change which will cause some frustration, but one thing I have learnt with full time travel is how to stop and smell the roses. This may or may not encourage you, but somehow embrace this time in history and stop, breathe, and ask yourself is the life I was living the one I really dreamed about? If not how can I change this when life returns to “normal”

The brain works in amazing ways, it is actually designed in a way that if you ask it the right questions it will come up with the right answers. For example – if I ask my brain why is life so unfair, it will most likely focus on all the reasons why. However if I was to ask my brain, how can I create the life I want, it will begin to find a way.

So if you feel trapped in a paddock with nowhere to drive the bus, maybe take a step back and use the time to create something new. You may not be able to take action right now, but start making notes, start compiling a plan, start to dare to dream a little and learn how to ask yourself some new questions 🙂 Let’s be honest, all seriousness aside for a moment, doesn’t it feel a little good to be able to just relax and breathe?

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