Survived a Year!


busdoorWell it’s been a year on the road and we have survived. If this is a life you have dreamed about, my simple advice would be give it a go! I remember just over a year ago with three weeks left at my desk job having a mild panic attack at the decision I had made to quite my job and hit the road full-time. I remember thinking what on earth have I just done? I have a family to feed and I am giving up the one way I really know how to make a regular income. Yet here we are just over a year later and living a life that I still wake up daily pinching myself to ensure it’s real.

I am not saying this life is perfect but it is pretty close. I am sitting here writing this blog post after spending the morning swimming in a heated pool then relaxing with another bus family and enjoying a relaxing lunch then opening my laptop to get busy with this blog. Moving the bus later to park under some trees next to a park tonight to go to a market in the morning and hang with the locals.

A life I once dreamed about and can only kick myself I didn’t take the plunge sooner. I have decided to liven this blog up and begin to share our experiences and the things we have learnt on the way.

All I can say is if you don’t want to change then this life is not for you. It has challenged me to the core at times and revealed things I never knew about myself. It has grown me and helped me realise what is really important to me and my family.

It was recently said to me that I have chosen a narrow life with the comment that my children will be missing out by not attending a school and that I should get a real job, yet the person who challenged me is surrounded by 4 walls a garden and a fence where they connect with 2 of their neighbours and lots of routine. Yet we now live a life with no real boundaries or limit to the people we are meeting and the daily experiences which differ from day to day. I would imagine it is difficult for someone to realise what goes on once the wheels on the bus begin to roll and we leave the confines of a “normal” life.

We have met some amazing people on our short journey so far, people we have laughed with cried with, shared our lives with and had the privilege of them allowing us into their lives. What can I say, this is a very rich life that I feel my insides continually expanding with expectation of what is next.

Do things go wrong? Is it an easy life? Yes things go wrong and no it’s not the easiest life, but is it rewarding? YES! I feel ruined to ever return to life as I knew it before the bus. Would I recommend this life? Absolutely!

Some of the stuff I would like to write about:

  • Day to day life on the road
  • Weekly chores, dumpstation, washing clothes
  • Money, how do you survive when away from an office
  • Roadschooling – we often get a lot of feedback on this one lol
  • The people we meet
  • How we have been challenged on the road
  • Life will never be the same

Anyway hopefully I will find the time in our now busier than ever road life to share some stories, information and more on this blog. We get emailed often with a range of questions that I will attempt to address on this blog so stay tuned…. LiveLife!