Our Story

Hi we are the James family. We are a family of four sometimes five when Philip’s teenage daughter braves the idea of coming to stay in the bus.

Both Philip and Cindy have adventurous natures which certainly helps when making the decision to give up what is expected as the norm to embark into the unknown of bus life.

I came to the conclusion that my wife might just have an adventurous side when she decided at 10pm one rainy evening during the working week that she wanted to, or wanted me to, build a bivouac to sleep under in the back yard.

We have had many adventures and would often pack up the car on a Friday and head off. However as life became “more important” you know responsibility of kids, considering settling down and buying a house, getting a good long term “secure” job (do they exist?) and fitting the mould of how life is supposed to go, the adventures became less and less.

Life became very predictable which we don’t do so well. I am not saying this doesn’t work for a lot of people, but we are strong advocates for believing we are all designed for a purpose. There is a reason there are different types of people and we are square pegs that don’t fit in a round hole even though we have tried. So we have decided to pick up our adventurous selves once again and brave the unknown that is life in a bus on the road.


Dad, husband, bus driver, website maker, novice movie maker. Philip has always had a sense of adventure and the desire to travel and live life differently to the expected. Philip enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life and desires to encourage others to pursue their dreams. He has worked most of his life in an office sitting in front of a computer but his true passion is to get out live life and help others do the same. He has spent many years studying what makes people tick and help them unlock their potential in life. Philip is a bit of a dreamer and ideas person so life on the road has been a great place to begin to dream and see those dreams become a reality.


Coming soon…

The Kids

Judah and Ziva two very different personalities. Judah is our quiet thinker compassionate one and Ziva is all guns a blazing full throttle strong willed one. Life on the road has made them close as brother and sister and even though they have their moments they have each others back. Full of curiosity and adventurous natures they are enjoying every day on the road and making some great friends while they learn about different places around New Zealand and getting a hands on experience with life.

We venture out with expectation, but also realisation this may not be the easiest life. We embrace the unknown with a sense of this is just the right thing to do