Trusting the Process


I know when I was a kid I had big dreams. I was going to be a millionaire buy the age of 30. As I grew my priorities changed, I wanted to travel. I wanted to get a van throw a mattress in the back and go explore New Zealand and meet lots of people and have amazing experiences on the way.

I have always been a free spirited kind of a person which at times has got me into trouble or frowned upon so I began to conform. I got the office job and settled in and became very good at what I did. Several years later I find myself unhappy but doing “what’s right”

I couldn’t take it anymore, you know the story if you have checked out our website.

I hope this short blog will encourage you if you are or were one of those people that had dreams. No matter what they are, they will continue to niggle in the background unless you mange to bury them real deep and convince yourself you are doing the right thing or actually pursuing them. The problem with burying them is that I felt a continual dissatisfaction which grew as I grew.

The one thing I see stopping people from pursuing what excites them is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of what others will think, fear of not being able to provide. So what have I learnt in the last year?

We were sitting in our bus last night with a really nice couple from Switzerland that had parked up next to us and as we sat and talked I began to share some of the things we have experienced since life on the road. The more I talked the more I realised how we have relaxed and began to trust the process. Something happens when you are true to yourself and follow what is in your heart. Things seem to work.

I am not saying there are no hard times. One story I was sharing with them was the time we pulled up somewhere miles from anyone we knew anyone in a town we had never been and checked our bank account to sort out or budget for the week. Mmmm $4.49 left with no sign of income. Once upon a time that would have scared the life out of me, but within half an hour someone stuck their head in our bus window and asked if I would help them with some building work which feed us for a few weeks and allowed us to get out and about. I have several stories like that.

In my old life even though I had what I thought was security I would still get to the end of the week and feel stressed about money even though I knew there was a pay check coming the next week. Now we don’t have that pleasure yet I smile daily at the thought that in the year we have been travelling we have not missed one meal and we are getting to see a beautiful country and meet some amazing people.

So what’s changed? A lot! I have learnt to relax and trust my dreams, the things that get me out of bed every morning and know that I am being true to myself. I have learnt to trust the process of stepping out to pursue who I am and why I am living this life. If you are reading this and you still have a dream pushed deep down inside, my advice would be get going, take the first step even if it’s something like reading a daily blog about how someone else has achieved what it is you are wanting to do. It will inspire and hopefully stir something inside of you to do the same.

My next piece of advice would be start learning how to live that life, look at others who have done the same and learn from them. Ask them questions, watch what they do. Even though we are now on the road, it was a 7 year process to get there including training myself in new skills that would be conducive to the life we have chosen to lead.

If you feel encouraged by this please keep following this blog and I will do my best to write stuff that will be helpful to your process. Talk to us, get in touch and tell us your dreams and the things you aspire too. Sometimes just chewing the fat with someone else can be the catalyst to seeing it come true! Be sure to pop in for a coffee if you see us on the road :)