Our New Website – The beginning of an adventure


Welcome to our new website. The countdown has begun to our New Zealand adventure. With so much to plan and get sorted on the bus life just seems to be quite busy at the moment. Cindy has some great ideas for an updated layout inside the bus so I now have to find the time to make the changes which will make life a little more comfortable for us. Oh where is the free time I am longing for…!

The excitement is starting to increase but so is the apprehension of can we pull this off. Everything feels a little like a juggling act at the moment but it is a small price to pay short term keeping the long term goal in mind.

It’s funny I almost feel guilty at times at the fact that life is taking on some big but exciting changes knowing that I am not going to have the 9 – 5 job and the expected structure of everyday life that the majority of us live day in day out.

I have really had to redefine my programmed thinking of what work is. I have had to remind myself that there is life outside of the office. We can so quickly fall into the trap that if we make such big changes our world will come falling down around our ears. Almost as though there are no other options besides what we currently know and do every day.

But there is, there has to be, I mean, I have read all the other blogs, can this work for me and my family? Have you ever had a dream yourself but that is all it has remained to be? It amazes me at how quickly we are conditioned to think it’s a nice dream, lucky dreams are free. If you are reading this and something in you resonates with what I am saying I would encourage you to begin to dare to make those dreams become real :)

I remember I used to be adventurous enough to jump out of perfectly good aircrafts. It was terrifying climbing out the door to take the plunge but oh the freedom of flying (falling) at 10,000 feet and the view doesn’t compare to if your feet are on the ground. As soon as you are out the door the fear is forgotten and the sense of absolute freedom begins.

Random image of someone tandem skydiving over New Zealand.


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