sidebannerWell here we go, time for an adventure. At the beginning of 2015 my wife and I were having a conversation about our goals and dreams for the year ahead.

It dawned upon us that some of these goals may be unobtainable unless we make some rather significant changes. One of those changes would be our home and how our current home situation fits in with seeing these goals come about.

Right, let’s move into the bus, quit my job and begin to explore alternative sources of income. The reason for this? I sat at a computer forty hours a week and that is beginning to take a serious toll on my health because as people we are designed to move. I figure I would rather be broke and alive.

The other thing is both Cindy and myself have travelled overseas but have not yet seen all of the country we live in. I often look at photos of different destinations around New Zealand and something inside me stirs at the possibility of exploring all our beautiful country has to offer. I have had so many conversations with people about, “one day we will” or “it is a dream of ours to one day…” The problem is one day never comes so we have decided to set a day and go! So in September 2015 we left life as we know it, packed up our bus, and as the song goes, The wheels on the bus go….you know the rest :)

One of my hobbies is to build websites hence the creation of this site to document our adventure in whatever form that may take. The good times and the not so good. Places we have visited along with hopefully some good tips and advice on how to survive with two kids in tow.

We don’t have the full plan yet just a basic idea. We are excited about what may unfold as we break away from the norm and try something different. They say the sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. It’s time for us to get away from our current insanity and put this to the test (although some may consider us quite insane for doing this). It will be interesting to see if things really do change when we change. So here we go away from society’s idea of security out into the unknown!

See you on the road!

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