Life is a Journey

We are a family of four who have exited the rat race to pursue a life of adventure in New Zealand. Living in an 8.5m Isuzu Journey Bus with New Zealand as our back yard we have learnt many life lessons which we hope to share¬†with you. With no 8 – 5 and any real set plans we have survived for over 2 years now. We have had challenging days and amazing days two never being the same. We have meet people from all walks of life and learnt there is more than one way to live life. Join us on and in our Journey as we continue to pursue this dream and be encouraged to follow your own. Remember…Life is a Journey!

#LIVELIFE – The James Family


My Worst Fear Realised

That fear? Running out of diesel in our bus while on our way to the gas station. Yup, we were ...
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So What Stops Us? Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

I was so impressed watching my 6 year old son taking responsibility for his life in the form of preparing ...
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I Burnt My Feet

Off we set to dig holes, Hot water beach here we come! Arriving nice and early we got a great ...
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I Had No Idea What I Was Doing

Now trying to follow direction to help catch some ducklings I stand on the bank causally waving a stick around ...
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A Natural Life

It seems like a lifetime since having to wake up to an alarm clock every morning, standing in the shower ...
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So Your Kids Will Be Starting School Soon Yes?

One of the most common questions / comments we get is, "So where do you kids go to school or ...
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Survived a Year!

Well it's been a year on the road and we have survived. If this is a life you have dreamed ...
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Our New Website – The beginning of an adventure

Welcome to our new website. The countdown has begun to our New Zealand adventure. With so much to plan and ...
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